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Easy DIY Vinyl French Tip Manicure!

You will need:

French Nail Tips or a Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, or any other craft cutter machine to make them.

White Oracal 651

Nail clippers and/or Cuticle Trimmers

Nail File

Clear Coat Nail Polish

Blow Dryer

These are the results from my first attempt.

1. Make two circles in design space or whatever software you have for your vinyl cutter.  Unclick the lock on the circle you are using for the tip so you can stretch it a little wider than long. 

2. Line another circle on top of the circle being used for the tip and select both circles. 

3. Click the Slice button. 

4. I made the 1st one for the thumb .75 inches and then made the rest slightly smaller.  You don’t need to be exact since you will be cutting and filing off the extra.

5. Apply the tip and press the side of the nails at the edges with a cuticle pusher (not sure if that is the technical name) or nail file.

6. Trim the edge at that crease.  I think it is easier with a cuticle cutter since it is a straight edge, but nail clippers work also.

7. Flip your hand upside down so you can see where your nail ends and clip the extra off with nail clippers. You don’t have to worry about getting it perfect you will file it smooth later. 

8. Blow dry for about 5 seconds or until it starts getting hot for your fingers. Be careful not to burn yourself. (The edge will probably curl a little)

9. Press it down firmly

10. File down to remove the rest of the overhang of the tip and then file all around the edge until it is smooth. 

11. Apply a coat of clear nail polish and let dry and then apply another coat and you’re finished!

Disclaimer: Left hand (1st attempt pictured below) is a little harder to do. I would recommend having a friend help if possible.

Easy DIY Vinyl French Tip Manicure!

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