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I have an advertising relationship with some of the stores linked in this post.

Other thin markers will fit in the holder.

  1. Double tipped markers by Leisure Arts 60 pack on Amazon or I found this 12 pack in the Bull’s eye section of Target 12 for $3
  2. Crayola fine tip markers
  3. American Crafts Permanent Chalk Markers (Can’t be bold)
  4. Get a Pen Adapter $10.25 after shipping on Amazon and $7.95 free shipping on eBay or Susie B. shows you here in her blog how to do a hack with $1 pen grips from the Dollar Tree!

Cricut Mats

  1. Buy flexible cutting boards and cut to size. 4 for $5.99 and free shipping on Amazon.  I have also seen these at Dollar tree not sure on the size.  Spray with Spray Adhesive or tape what you’re working on down with painters tape.
  2. Clean your mat before buying new ones.  Some of the options that work for cleaning your mat are:
    1. Wipe with baby wipes or Clorox wipes
    2. Spray with Awesome spray ($1 at Dollar tree) and then use the scraper to scrape all the gunk off and let dry. (Do not use on the blue Cricut mat! It will remove the stickiness)
    3. Wash with soap and water then let completely dry.
  3. If you cut through your mat seal on the back with packaging tape.
  4. Buy 1 12×24 mat and cut it in half. $10.52 for one 12×24 or $5.26 for two 12×12.

If you loose or break your Cricut Tools

  1. Use a Credit Card or Gift Card for a scraper.
  2. Use a cheaper pair of tweezers.  They are easier to use in my opinion that the Cricut brand

Before buying a new blade try:

  1. Taking it out and wiping it off.  The adhesive sometimes sticks to it and can cause it to seem dull.
  2. Stick it in and out of a ball of aluminum foil to sharpen it.

Don’t buy Cricut brand Transfer tape

  1. $1 rolls of Con-tact paper at Dollar Tree works.
  2. Best deal I found is on Amazon 18inches x 24 feet. $5.99 free shipping!
  3. Walmart also carries Duck brand shelf liner in longer rolls.


  1. Keep vinyl roll attached and just trim what’s not used.
  2. Use Shelf Liner as indoor vinyl. As low as $3.97 free shipping for 10 feet of Dry Erase!
  3. Make a few extra periods in your cuts for replacement dots on i’s or periods to.
  4. Use toilet paper rolls to sort and organize your Vinyl for Free


Save on a light box if you have a clear kitchen table or coffee table by shining light upward from underneath.

Save on SVGs

  1. Download a free software like Inkscape and make your own.
  2. Join craft groups on facebook. Some have free SVGs in the files.

Free Fonts!

There are tons of free fonts.  Just make sure it is also free for commercial use if you plan on selling.  Here is a list of my favorites all free for business and commercial use.

Thanks for reading! Please share if you have any other tips that help save money.  If you liked this post you might also like my supplier’s list for cheap Cricut, cameo, and silhouette supplies.   Visit that here.


Tips and Hacks for Saving Money on Cricut, Cameo, and Silhouette Supplies

5 thoughts on “Tips and Hacks for Saving Money on Cricut, Cameo, and Silhouette Supplies

  • March 7, 2017 at 3:22 am

    Thank you thso much for the info?

    • March 8, 2017 at 3:04 am

      You’re Welcome! Glad you found it helpful. 🙂

  • March 30, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Wow! This is wonderful advice. I am new to all this….it has been weeks and I still can’t decide between the Cricut and Cameo. Thanks so much for the ideas!

  • December 27, 2017 at 12:53 am

    OMG, thank you so much for sharing all these tips!!
    I just got the machine and I thought I had to spend a lot of money on all the materials and accessories.

    Thank you! ❤


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